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Top 24HR Hight

Bitcoin BTC

7348.97 USD 1.59

Top 24HR Hight

Ethereum ETH

128.26 USD 2.02

Top 24HR Hight


0.19 USD 1.98

Top 24HR Hight

Bitcoin-Cash BCH

208.03 USD 8.2

Top 24HR Hight

Litecoin LTC

42.41 USD 4.74

Top 24HR Hight


2.65 USD 3.62

Top 24HR Hight

Binance-Coin BNB

13.56 USD 2.61

Top 24HR Hight

Tezos XTZ

1.38 USD -0.9

Top 24HR Hight

Stellar XLM

0.05 USD 2.74

Top 24HR Hight

Tron TRX

0.01 USD 1.15


Our smart exchange allows you to easily operate with multiple cryptocurrencies, spend less money on commissions and enjoy a stable and secure environment that we create. At Stabex, we always ensure the best possible price for traders and financial institutions and provide with a convenient crypto exchange system.

Our mission is to provide all the crypto tools needed for trading based on the interests of both B2B and B2C market players.

STABEX platform features

STABEX is a full-featured financial platform designed for trading and exchange of major digital assets & cryptocurrencies. Our main goal is to ensure the most accessible and secure tools for any trader while providing with a stable and, at the same time, revolutionary trading environment.

Full transparency

High-tech platform based on a fully transparent and open technology allows any user to monitor trading data and assets in real time.


Support of multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH), ERC-20 tokens and others.


Multi-dimensional safety system with aggregated solutions for user’s protection ensure a stable and secure environment for any market participant.

Easily accessible for everyone

User-friendly interface combined with the limitless possibilities for both, B2B and B2C market players, make our platform a number one choice for any user.

Free listing for past scoring ICO projects

A unique scoring system designed for ICO projects allows to list ERC-20 tokens based on several factors to ensure sufficient trading volumes and liquidity.

Full transparency
Multiple Currencies
High Security
Open Access
Free Listing


All the convenient trading tools, user-friendly interface and your personal account and trading history details are now available on our mobile adapted version of STABEX!


Enjoy our top-end ‘one-click’ mobile journey by downloading the app on your Android or IPhone.